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If you have specific issues, please contact us today at 1 (800) 721-1440!

What do I need to get started?
Nothing! Upon agreement, we will prepare the NetSpot Audio icon for your site and begin the creative process. When the NetSpot Audio programs are complete the icon will appear on your site, and your site will be NetSpot Audio-enabled.

How long before Iím up and running?
Maximum 14 days, in most cases.

Who writes the script?
Your NetSpot Audio creative services account manager writes each high impact script from the copypoint information you provide and those gathered from consistent review of your website. Foreign languages are available on request at additional cost.

Do we see the script before it is produced?
Yes. Production of your NetSpot Audio program messages requires your endorsement on the script copy.

Who does the recording?
We do. Our professional announcers digitally record your script in one of our four studios, mixed with or without music. The NetSpot Audio programs are then web-enabled and linked to the designated pages of your site.

How do we know when itís time for a new production?
NetSpot Audio is on the ball. Based on your production schedule we send periodic reminders, beginning the process of creating fresh, exciting audio content for your site.

Who hosts the audio programs for my sites?

NetSpot Audio. Our enterprise-level hosting environment assures virtually 100% up time.

How much extra is installation, or do we do it ourselves?
Professional installation is included in the NetSpot Audio package. Or, our web engineers will cordinate with your website developer to set up proprietary links.

What happens if anything breaks or fails?

NetSpot Audio guarantees productions and hosting efficacy completely for the life of our agreement. In the remote chance you have a problem, just call your account manager. They will handle everything.

How much extra are additional pages/links?
Additional programs and linked pages can be added anytime. The price is based on the number of pages and production frequency.













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